Meet Murray

If Murray was a car he’d definitely be a Rolls Royce. Murray is an absolute champion. He is a firm favourite amongst the staff, with everyone having a soft spot for this lovely lad. Murray is a super soft and sensitive boy, who tries his hardest to please all of the time. Murray is named after the Murray River.

Murray is 13 years old and is 17’2 hands high. He is a solid, bright bay gelding with four white socks and a beautiful white blaze. He is pretty easy on the eye indeed! He loves pulling the tram and does so effortlessly. You’d never even know there was a tram behind him.

Apart from loving life as a tram horse Murray is also an exceptional riding horse. He bonds with his rider and is such a soft listener. He loves long rides on the beach and enjoys stretching out into a free spirited canter.

Murray is a brave soul and really looks after his people. He has quite a serious personality and doesn’t mess around too much. Other horses, like Scotty for instance, can be quite playful and enjoy silliness and games, but not Murray. Murray is as sensible as they come! He has quite a senior role in the herd and is very respected by all of the horses. Albert even allows Murray to share his hay biscuit.

Murray leading the herd on the beach.

Murray loves his people but can be a little more selective with strangers. He allows people to pat him but it really isn’t his favourite thing. He prefers not to be touched on his face, especially when he is wearing his winkers, and will usually pull his head away. Staff are always careful to ensure that Murray has choice about where and when he experiences contact, and appreciate, respect and enjoy his sensitive nature.

Murray pulling the tram on Granite Island.

Murray competed in South Australia’s Inaugural Heavy Horse Festival at Wirrina Cove in May 2023. The whole team were very proud of him. He performed effortlessly, raising the profile and awareness of the Horse Drawn Tram, and a lot of attention was directed at his amazing condition, health and dapples. The VHHTA hopes to compete in future Heavy Horse Festivals, supporting the local competition and adding a touch of fun to the Horse Tram horse’s routine.

Murray, seen here standing with Noah from Sandy Creek Clydesdale Stud.
Photo credit to Tim Lorence Photography

Murray’s Favourite Things

Dinner time. Murray loves his lucerne hay

Long walks on the beach. He’s the romantic type

Albert. He is Murray’s favourite friend

Soft brushes with natural bristles

Working. No matter if it’s a tram, a log or a tyre, Murray loves working


Praise. Murray laps up the praise that he duly deserves

Murray’s Dislikes

Having his face touched by strangers

Stiff and scratchy brushes

Tyre feed bins. They are his nemesis

Murray modelling his woolen rug donated by Horseland.