Meet Archer

Archer is our newest team member. He is a 10 year old, chestnut Clydesdale. He is really beautiful with a flaxen blonde tail, a sooty mane, amazing blonde eyelashes and big splashes of white on his belly. He also has a picture of a horse head on his face, right there on his blaze. He is quite a large boy, even taller than Albert, at 18 hands high.

Before Archer joined the Tram he was pulling a cart around the streets of Melbourne with his trainer, getting used to traffic, noise and commotion. Lately Archer has been in training most mornings, being long reined across the new Causeway, spending time at the Tram office with his new buddies, and doing strength training at the paddock.

Strength training includes harness work pulling logs and tyres, which believe it or not, is much harder work than pulling a tram. This strength training really sets our horses up to perform their tram role easily and happily.

Archer is progressing so well that we are anticipating seeing him pulling a tram across the Causeway soon, proudly displaying his learner’s plate. Stay tuned!!!