Meet Isabella

Isabella is the Queen of the Horse Tram, and she knows it! She is absolutely beautiful, and there is certainly a lot of her to love! She is an 13 year old, bay mare, and the only female member of our Horse Tram team. She is 17’2 hands high. Isabella has the most beautiful soft eyes, and everyone that sees her falls instantly in love.

Isabella exudes peace and serenity, that is, until she is in front of a tram. Then she becomes an amazing and impressive energy, thundering down the Causeway, eager to really strut her stuff. She loves showing off and is no shrinking violet.

Isabella has a very kind, brave and gentle soul. She adores being pampered and will soak up the attention for hours. When she is at the office by the foreshore she often lowers her head over the fence for children and adults to pat her. Sometimes though, she prefers to be admired from a distance. Either way she loves the attention and knows that she deserves every bit of it.

Isabella as a yearling. Wasn’t she adorable! It’s hard to imagine that she was ever that small.

We couldn’t imagine tram life without Isabella. She is the heart and soul of the team.

Elliot and Isabella taking their first walk over the new Causeway.
Isabella’s heart bar shoes.
Isabella’s impressive forelock.

Isabella has different shoes to the rest of the tram horses. She has heart bar shoes, just to give her a little bit of extra support. Trust Izzy to have to have special shoes, and what girl doesn’t like a few hearts around.

She has three white fluffy feet and one that is a mixture of half white and half black feathers. She is our only tram horse with a dark foot, so if you look closely you can see her coming from a distance.

You can spot Isabella from a distance by her dark, long, platted forelock. Isabella has so much hair that if we don’t plait her forelock she cannot see a thing when she’s wearing winkers, but it really suits her and I think we would do it anyway.

Surprisingly Isabella takes a backseat in the herd, happy to take her marching orders even from our littlest horse team member. We don’t think that it is because she is timid in anyway, but more so that she just doesn’t believe that it’s worth wasting her precious time and energy in petty squabbles. It’s beneath her. As she doesn’t indulge in such silliness she has a really good relationship with all of the tram horses, with Elliot and Leo as her closest friends. She likes the laid back, cruisey crew.

Isabella’s Favourite Things

Pedicures and shiny shoes

Hair stylists, new outfits and photoshoots

Primping, preening and being pampered

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, (and on time, thank you!)

Harassing wheelie bins

Pulling the tram

Elliot and Leo

Isabella looking after Leo while he has a rest.

Isabella’s Dislikes

Long walks on the beach. She’s not the romantic type

Isabella having a lovely time in the sun