Meet Elliot

Elliot is a solid bay coloured Clydesdale. He is 12 years old, 17 hands high, and is easily recognisable as he has a big white face and a blue eye on one side. Blue eyes are normal and healthy and Elliot’s vision is perfect. The eye appears blue due to a lack of pigment. Just like the sea and the sky are actually clear but appear blue, so does Elliot’s stunning eye. Elliot is named after Port Elliot.

Elliot’s stunning blue eye

Elliot is an absolute crowd favourite. Everyone loves Elliot! He is everyone’s best friend and is famous being super cuddly with the public when he is down at the tram office.

Elliot is the Horse Tram’s calmest horse. He is so relaxed. Life is just one big holiday to Elliot. Elliot lives life in the moment and takes the time to stop and smell the roses.

Elliot likes to do everything slowly. He eats slowly, walks slowly and runs slowly. Time is no issue for Elliot, nor does he care for schedules and timetables. Sometimes, when Elliot is pulling the tram slowly, people think that it is because it is hard for him to do, but that is just Elliot’s happiest speed, Slow! He walks exactly the same, or sometimes even slower, when he is walking in the paddock or having a ride on the beach.

He pulls the tram easily and is one of the Horse Tram’s strongest and fittest horse. He is reliable and steady. If something goes wrong, Elliot will get you through! Elliot teaches new tram drivers the ropes. He also teaches new juniors how to long rein. Elliot inducts all of our junior riders, and Elliot’s latest accomplishment is helping teach one of our new horses, Leo, how to lead from a rider on a horse. Elliot is worth his weight in gold!

Retired Jay Jay watching Elliot head off across the old Causeway to Granite Island

Elliot’s Favourite Things

Slow walks on the beach

Carrots! Elliot is crazy about carrots!

Cuddles. Elliot is famous for his cuddles

Lazy summer days with the herd



Elliot and Isabella grooming each others feathers

Elliot’s Dislikes

Schedules and timetables

Rushing. He likes to take his time

Having his legs hosed down, but he loves splashing in the ocean. Go figure!

Elliot having a cool dip on a summer’s day