Meet Scotty

At 9 years old, Scotty is our littlest and youngest tram horse. He is 16’3 hands high. While he is a big horse he is much smaller than Albert who stands at 17’3 hands. But don’t let his size fool you. He is an absolute power house. Scotty easily pulls a tram and really gets it up and boogying too. Drivers spend most of their driving time gently asking Scotty to slow down and smell the roses. One day Scotty will realise that he has all the time in the world to complete the journey, but for now Scotty is very keen and eager to carry his passengers to and from Granite Island in a timely fashion.

Scotty pulling a tyre in the paddock to build up strength.
Believe it or not, this is harder work than pulling a tram, due to the tram’s design. Find out more information about this on the ‘Our Horses’ page.

Scotty is a strawberry roan colour, similar in shade to Albert. Scotty has kind, sweet eyes, and a cheeky expression. Scotty loves a game. If there is a trick or a stunt that he can pull, he’ll do it. Scotty loves to play a little game of ‘catch me if you can’ in the mornings, but if staff don’t play the game then he approaches staff and catches them. He doesn’t really mind getting haltered, he’s just having some fun.

Scotty having a ride on the beach after a saddle fitting with a specialist saddler.

Scotty wears a plait in his forelock, like Isabella. He has so much hair that if it wasn’t plaited he could not see where he is going when wearing his winkers. His forelock fills the whole space. Scotty looks pretty cute with his plait, and visitors to the tram love it. We don’t think Scotty minds his hair style and laps up all of the attention headed his way.

Photo of Scotty on his first day with the Horse Tram team. Wasn’t he so fluffy and cute!

Scotty is also a lovely riding horse and a frequently chosen favourite of the staff. Scotty has great balance and rhythm and really enjoys long rides on the beach and splashing in the ocean. Scotty is pretty fearless, especially for his tender years. Scotty has been carrying passengers on the tram since he was five. His P plates have only just come off! He has become such an amazing member of the team, and we couldn’t imagine the Horse Tram without him.

Scotty pulling the tram across the old Causeway, before the construction of the new one.

Scotty’s Favourite Things



Playing games and having fun

Spending time at the beach

Elliot & Leo

Doing new things

Pulling the log. He loves it!

Scotty pulling the log.

Scotty’s Dislikes

Sunscreen. He’s not a fan!


Slowing down

Archer, just sometimes (it might be a ‘short man syndrome’ type of situation)

Elliot, Murray, Albert, Jay Jay, little Scotty and Chester (as well as Isabella, hiding behind Jay Jay). The day that Leo first arrived.